Saturday, July 27, 2013

Simple Make up look using Glory of New York palette and lipstick

  • I really love this light orange lipstick of Glory of New York. Actually my favorite color is pink ever since but when it comes to make up, we need to be playful and use every color you have. :)


I got bored and created a simple neutral make up look using those products that I recently got from Thea Adriatico Make up Artistry . 
I won her contest last June and the prizes came late, because they said that they are very busy. Anyways I waited for a month for this to arrive and it is really worth it. :)  (happy artist)
Actually I was doing a make up video tutorial but I don’t know what happen to my editor , it is not responding. In the meanwhile I will just blog about this make up product. 
Products that I used:
  • Myra moisturizer
  • Careline liquid foundation (natural)
  • Ever bilena stick foundation
  • 4u2 loose powder
  • Elf eye primer
  • Glory of New York eyeshadow palette (neutral)
  • Glory of New York  lipstick in the shade of 695
  • Ever Bilena eyeliner pencil (brown)
  • Nichido kohl eyeliner (black)
  • Iris lipliner 
  • Chelsy Brush Set (beauty Cosmetics)
  • Elf small stipple brush
  • Elf Hd Blush on

First I used moisturizer all over my face and let it dry for a while. After that I put on some liquid foundation usin my elf stippling brush and blend it blend it blend it so it will even out. Then I put my concealer the EB stick foundation to hide some redness going on my face and blemishes as well. Then I put some loose powder using my powder brush from BEAUTY COSMETIC Chelsy brush set. (That I recently got also via GIVEAWAY) This is the softest brush I ever had :)
Then I did my eye make up put on some primer so it will last for a long hours then put the two darkest shade of the eyeshadow using a blending brush.then I put the satin color on my lid to pop up my eyes. After that I put on some eyeliner. Then using a stippling brush again I used my ELF HD blush on. Then line my lips with the IRIS lipliner and put my shinning shimmery Glory of New York Lipstick.
Yeeeey! that’s it. Hope you like it. This look can also be worn on office cause it is super simple and very fresh :) 
Hope you like my make up tutorial :)
Thanks for reading & have a nice day  :)
If you want to try the products that I used here’s the link:
GLORY of New York Ph(for the palette,lipstick and lip liner)

Beauty Cosmetics (Chelsy Brush Set)
I am not sponsored by them but I just won there products via GIVEAWAY and I’m really happy that I got the chance to try it. So what are you waiting for? Check there site now. :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Giveaway from Product Arena by Celline08

Hi sorry for not posting reviews I'm still busy but I am currently joining some giveaway if you are addicted on joining like me, you should check this out. There will be 4 winners , maybe you will be the  LUCKY ONE  :)

This is hosted by four bloggers and just found it on Ms.Celline blog here is her blog Product Arena by Celline08.

If you want to learn more on how to join her giveaway click this LINK

GOOD LUCK LADIES on joining her giveaway!  :)

Sorry this giveaway is for Philippines resident only. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

GIVEAWAY Alert from Dear Kitty Kittie Kath x Virginia Olsen Minerals 2013 Eyeshadow (CLOSED)

Hi there since I'm not yet ready for another review, for now I will just share a giveaway that is hosted by Ms.Kath of Dear Kitty Kittie Kath. She will be sponsored by Virginia Olsen, she will be giving away eyeshadows from VO. Isn't that so great??? I wanted to try those shadows so I will also JOIN her giveaway. I really like joining GIVEAWAY (sobrang suki na ko), I love the feeling whenever I win. I think I won 5 times already since I have been joining different giveaways. So you might also win this, just try joining it's for free. Since I am just starting collecting make up winning giveaway is a very good steal to me. I don't need to buy it anymore. So what are you waiting for? Join Ms.Kath GIVEAWAY :) 

Good Luck to all of us! Sorry this Giveaway is for Philippines resident only.

This is not my giveaway I just reblog this, the photo is from Ms.Kath.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Glitz 4u2 Duo Eyeshadow- review and swatches

Hi there this will be my first ever review about a make up product. I'm going to review about a very nice duo eyeshadow that I bought, I think last summer. I was not actually planning to buy this but it's on sale. Since it's on 70% off I got this for only 60php only ($1.50). See how much I save almost more than the half price. Yipeeee!!!  I just started collecting make up's so whenever I see sale I go GAGA... Imagine how much you will save than the usual price. I always wait for sale cause I'm really budgeting since I'm still a student.

Anyways, this brand 4u2 has a range of colors of shadows that are very pigmented and true to what you see. The color pay off if really awesome.

This is the packaging of the Glitz 4u2 duo Eyeshadow.

 The colors are just purple and blue green, actually there is another shade of this but I didn't bought it.

 Look how tiny it is, it's so little that you can always carry it in your kikay kit. Isn't it so cute?

 This is the whole packaging it has a small mirror and an applicator, when you need it on the go.

 This is the eye make up that I have made on this duo palette. I put a primer first before I put the eyeshadow but the eyeshadows are already pigmented. I just need to prime so that it will last longer than usual.

Look how it stand out with my violet lippies so nice ryt? I love this look that I can wear on a night out party.

This is the front view of my make up, sorry for the exaggerated falsies hahaha.. :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013


OMG! I know that the COLLECTION brand of beauty products just arrived here in the PH. I saw this products in the mall but I didn't buy anything yet. I'm still waiting for some of the reviews of the products, but guess what? I've found out that I have a chance to try this products without even buying it.

This is because of Jellai Battung of Bipolar Bear, she was able to attend the launching of the COLLECTION brand and she will share the products to us. Isn't it too kind of her? Join her as she is hosting a GIVEAWAY which is all COLLECTION beauty products .

This are the products that you might get if you join.Actually this is not the actual I mean not all of this but some of this products are to be given away :)

Just simply CLICK on this link and it will direct you to her blog then go to the rafflecopter and follow all the rules so you will get a big chance to win this products.

GOOD LUCK to us!
I also joined here giveaway! 

Thank you so much for reading guys :)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Entry to CARELINE Back to School MAKE UP Look

Since I have been enjoying make up, I also like joining contest just to practice my make up skill. I know that I am not that good yet in doing different looks but I'm trying my very best just to make it. In this case I have joined a Back to School MAKE UP Look by CARELINE Cosmetics. This is just as simple make up look that you should be wearing everyday or should I say that can be worn in school everyday.

                                                  This are the mechanics of the contest

I would really love to win the first prize but hopefully please HELP ME by simply  CLICKING this LINK

you should be online on your FACEBOOK so you can open this.
Then after that you will see this picture

PLEASE press the LIKE button to help me earn some votes so that I can win :)

My entry to CARELINE Back to SCHOOL MAKE-UP look

I'm a HRM student and I have a laboratory classes(cooking class) every week.If you know how to cook you will know that it is very hot in the kitchen specially when you are cooking too many dishes. You will be sweating over and over, I'm very happy that I have been using this CARELINE oil control powder (Natural). This powder prevent too much sweat or oil in my face, so after my laboratory I don't look like a pan with too much oil in my face.Before I put my powder I put some CARELINE foundation in shade of soft bisque so my powder will have a base. In addition to this I also used the CARELINE blush on which is also an oil control product. In my eyes I used the palette that they have, I simply put some primer on and the eyeshadow stayed for long hours, very pigmented. I'm loving the palette and it has also a two shades of blush on, easy to bring and very cute packaging. In my lips I used there MAGIC LIPSTICK, they come in different color packaging but turns out all in same shade after a few minutes. This lip product stays for long hours, it has a fruity smell that you will love and it moisturized my dry lips. CARELINE products are very affordable yet it is a good quality make up products that are good for teenagers or school girls or even to those people who are in a tight budget.

This are the closer look for the products that I used in this contest, almost all are CARELINE products and the others are Ever Bilena but I didn't include it in here.

One of this days I will definitely make a review on some of this products so please stay updated. Add me on your GFC and in networkedBlogs.
This make up products are local brands in Philippines, this are very affordable and good for beginers like teen and on the tight budget KIKAY. :)

Hope you like my post.
Ka-chaw!!! Byeeeeee!!! 

Leave some comment or any suggestion if you want or maybe you have questions, just write it down ok :)

Shebby's Meet and Greet (late post)

Hi everyone this blog post is super duper late already, but I'm still sharing it with you.
Last May.25,2013 Ms.Shebby of  Makeup by Shebby conducted a meet in greet in Trinoma Mall.
I was so excited on meeting her so I counted the days and always liking and sharing this picture on my facebook account.

I did that because I was just inviting my friends maybe they are not busy that time to accompany me. I live in Taft. Ave. and Trinoma Mall which is in Quezon City already is very far from me. Sadly when that date came no one was able to go with me. I was planning to bring my son but I think of the hassle of walking at the mall with him will be very hard for me. So I ended up going there by myself, I think I arived at almost 2:20pm but I need to look for the store RED MANGO. At first I thought it was a brand name of a clothes store, but to my surprise it is selling drinks and waffles with yogurt.

 I'm really not a fan of yogurts ever since, when I arrive at the store I ordered a drink just to stay there and wait for Ms.Shebby. (nakakahiya naman kung naka tambay lang ako dun db? wala pa ko kasama). I ordered this mango shake with yogurt on top and I should say that it is soooo YUMMY!!! or I'm just tired walking and looking for the store when I came there hehehe...

Then I wait and wait then I saw Ms.Shebby already I think she arrive at 3:06pm on my clock I'm not sure if my watch is advance that time.We fix the chairs and table so that we can be in one group then started chatting.

Who am I?

Intro to my BLOG!

Hi everyone this is MAKE UP & My Life by Lei Diwa .
Who am I? I'm 21 years old, make up enthusiast who found love on make up last April 2013. As I was stucked in the house for the whole summer I just watched and read blog about make up. Loving all the colors and everything that will make a girl/boy more attractive is a big WOW to me. I'm still studying, I am a HRM student I love cooking specially baking and I also love to eat. I have many goals and ambitions in life. Someday I wanted to be a Professional MAKE UP ARTIST and a PHOTOGRAPER as well as I wanted to own a RESTO BAR. I would like to share some of my thoughts about make up so you will read some make up reviews and swatches soon here in my blog. I will also share my life in school and as a mother too. I will be writing blog post as many as I can if I am not busy. I love to read blog and hope you will read my blog post too. Please feel free to add me on GFC and some networked that you can see on the side of this blog.
I will be happy to have you all as my friend. 

This is my son Kean, just sharing some cutie photos that we have. :)

Hope you all can drop by every now and then to my blog.
Thank you so much for reading!!! :)

Ka-chaw!!! Byeeeeee!!! :D