Saturday, July 13, 2013


OMG! I know that the COLLECTION brand of beauty products just arrived here in the PH. I saw this products in the mall but I didn't buy anything yet. I'm still waiting for some of the reviews of the products, but guess what? I've found out that I have a chance to try this products without even buying it.

This is because of Jellai Battung of Bipolar Bear, she was able to attend the launching of the COLLECTION brand and she will share the products to us. Isn't it too kind of her? Join her as she is hosting a GIVEAWAY which is all COLLECTION beauty products .

This are the products that you might get if you join.Actually this is not the actual I mean not all of this but some of this products are to be given away :)

Just simply CLICK on this link and it will direct you to her blog then go to the rafflecopter and follow all the rules so you will get a big chance to win this products.

GOOD LUCK to us!
I also joined here giveaway! 

Thank you so much for reading guys :)

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