Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Entry to CARELINE Back to School MAKE UP Look

Since I have been enjoying make up, I also like joining contest just to practice my make up skill. I know that I am not that good yet in doing different looks but I'm trying my very best just to make it. In this case I have joined a Back to School MAKE UP Look by CARELINE Cosmetics. This is just as simple make up look that you should be wearing everyday or should I say that can be worn in school everyday.

                                                  This are the mechanics of the contest

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My entry to CARELINE Back to SCHOOL MAKE-UP look

I'm a HRM student and I have a laboratory classes(cooking class) every week.If you know how to cook you will know that it is very hot in the kitchen specially when you are cooking too many dishes. You will be sweating over and over, I'm very happy that I have been using this CARELINE oil control powder (Natural). This powder prevent too much sweat or oil in my face, so after my laboratory I don't look like a pan with too much oil in my face.Before I put my powder I put some CARELINE foundation in shade of soft bisque so my powder will have a base. In addition to this I also used the CARELINE blush on which is also an oil control product. In my eyes I used the palette that they have, I simply put some primer on and the eyeshadow stayed for long hours, very pigmented. I'm loving the palette and it has also a two shades of blush on, easy to bring and very cute packaging. In my lips I used there MAGIC LIPSTICK, they come in different color packaging but turns out all in same shade after a few minutes. This lip product stays for long hours, it has a fruity smell that you will love and it moisturized my dry lips. CARELINE products are very affordable yet it is a good quality make up products that are good for teenagers or school girls or even to those people who are in a tight budget.

This are the closer look for the products that I used in this contest, almost all are CARELINE products and the others are Ever Bilena but I didn't include it in here.

One of this days I will definitely make a review on some of this products so please stay updated. Add me on your GFC and in networkedBlogs.
This make up products are local brands in Philippines, this are very affordable and good for beginers like teen and on the tight budget KIKAY. :)

Hope you like my post.
Ka-chaw!!! Byeeeeee!!! 

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  1. Nice entry Lei :) You look like Julia Montes :)

    1. Hi Ms.Monica :) Oh emmm.. really? before I also joined a make up contest and some of the people who saw it, said that too.. Julia Montes she's so pretty how I wish hahah :D
      Thank you for dropping by.. :)

  2. what's the shade of the magic lipstick?

    1. I don't know actually even though you take whatever color it will just turn out in the same shade since it is a magic lipstick.It doesn't matter what is the outer color cause it all just turn into a pink shade after a few minutes after you swatched it. :)

      Thanks for dropping by on my blog. djsjdj18 :)
      Have a nice day pretty! :)