Sunday, July 14, 2013

Glitz 4u2 Duo Eyeshadow- review and swatches

Hi there this will be my first ever review about a make up product. I'm going to review about a very nice duo eyeshadow that I bought, I think last summer. I was not actually planning to buy this but it's on sale. Since it's on 70% off I got this for only 60php only ($1.50). See how much I save almost more than the half price. Yipeeee!!!  I just started collecting make up's so whenever I see sale I go GAGA... Imagine how much you will save than the usual price. I always wait for sale cause I'm really budgeting since I'm still a student.

Anyways, this brand 4u2 has a range of colors of shadows that are very pigmented and true to what you see. The color pay off if really awesome.

This is the packaging of the Glitz 4u2 duo Eyeshadow.

 The colors are just purple and blue green, actually there is another shade of this but I didn't bought it.

 Look how tiny it is, it's so little that you can always carry it in your kikay kit. Isn't it so cute?

 This is the whole packaging it has a small mirror and an applicator, when you need it on the go.

 This is the eye make up that I have made on this duo palette. I put a primer first before I put the eyeshadow but the eyeshadows are already pigmented. I just need to prime so that it will last longer than usual.

Look how it stand out with my violet lippies so nice ryt? I love this look that I can wear on a night out party.

This is the front view of my make up, sorry for the exaggerated falsies hahaha.. :)


  • Very pigmented
  • It has a glitter, good for night make up look (but I think most of there shadows are shimmering, the original sizes bigger than this)
  • the color pay off is true
  • very cheap since it's on sale
  • it is available in the malls here in PH
  • it doesn't powder too much, it easy to pick up with brushes
  • it has a mirror and applicator 
  • very small that you can carry it anywhere
  • cute packaging


  • It only last for 4-5hours
  • you need to blend it well cause it really gives a very bright color
  • they only have 2 duo palette aside from this one

Other than that nothing more I still love this cute palette.

Overall rating:

 If you have suggestions, comments or reactions, please feel free to write on the comment box.

Thank you so much for reading! See you on my next post :)




  1. 10 out of 10 rating! I've been looking for a good eye make-up. But can it irritate your eyes. I have tried a few other brands but it left my eyes itchy. Hope this doesn't.

  2. I've always wanted to try 4u2 but I don't know why I always forget to buy something from them whenever I'm in watsons. Nice colors you got and I love the look you made :)

    Followed you via GFC, Bloglovin and G+ :)

  3. Thank you so much Ms.Genzel it was really nice seeing you here in my comment box. I am also a follower of you, ever since I have been reading blogs last summer. :)

    Yes you should buy one, the color pay off is so amazing :)