Saturday, July 6, 2013

Shebby's Meet and Greet (late post)

Hi everyone this blog post is super duper late already, but I'm still sharing it with you.
Last May.25,2013 Ms.Shebby of  Makeup by Shebby conducted a meet in greet in Trinoma Mall.
I was so excited on meeting her so I counted the days and always liking and sharing this picture on my facebook account.

I did that because I was just inviting my friends maybe they are not busy that time to accompany me. I live in Taft. Ave. and Trinoma Mall which is in Quezon City already is very far from me. Sadly when that date came no one was able to go with me. I was planning to bring my son but I think of the hassle of walking at the mall with him will be very hard for me. So I ended up going there by myself, I think I arived at almost 2:20pm but I need to look for the store RED MANGO. At first I thought it was a brand name of a clothes store, but to my surprise it is selling drinks and waffles with yogurt.

 I'm really not a fan of yogurts ever since, when I arrive at the store I ordered a drink just to stay there and wait for Ms.Shebby. (nakakahiya naman kung naka tambay lang ako dun db? wala pa ko kasama). I ordered this mango shake with yogurt on top and I should say that it is soooo YUMMY!!! or I'm just tired walking and looking for the store when I came there hehehe...

Then I wait and wait then I saw Ms.Shebby already I think she arrive at 3:06pm on my clock I'm not sure if my watch is advance that time.We fix the chairs and table so that we can be in one group then started chatting.

 Yeeeey!!!! It is my first time to attend a MEET AND GREET since I just got addicted on make up lately. I really like to see her, because she's pretty and really look innocent. Well I was so happy to hear some tips and tricks on HOW TO CREATE A BLOG? and how to start a Youtube channel.
She is the reason why I had the courage to create this BLOG. :) I was realy on a 50/50 to create a blog like this, because I really don't know how to start. But with all the things she said on the meet and greet I've made up my mind to create this blog. Thank you so much Ms.Shebby Liquete for the tips that you have shared to us on that event. I am really happy that I attended your meet and greet. :) Anyways, aside from the chit chat all the way she also have a game. A Q&A portion that we need to answer her Questions and then she gave a little loot bags :) I got 3 bags actually, the 1st one is when I arrive there early and the 2 is when I answered her questions correctly :)
Here are the products in my loot bags :)

I have this products and also the mask mixing bowl , but I forgot to take pictures of it. 
Sorry for this long post but here are some of the pictures on that day. 

            I also had a chance to have a picture with one of my favorite blogger and Youtube make up guru the beautiful Ms.Shebby. (Yeeeeey! I'm soooo HAPPY). 
I was really glad that I went to your meet and greet and learned so much from the tips that you gave us.


I also have a picture of one of my favorite beauty blogger , she is a creative and very talented make up artist too, who also attended the meet and greet. She is also a friend of Ms.Shebby , no other than Ms.Bing Castro of The Project Awesome. I'm super happy because, she is so nice and kind, when I ask her if we could have a picture together.So here is it.. yipeeeeee :)

Lastly, I even had a chance to meet a new friend a make up enthusiast like me and we both love make up stuff. hahaha.. Thank you so much for sitting beside me and being so friendly Ms.Jhessica. 
New found FRIEND. :)

All and all it was really a happy and tiring day for me , but it's worth it.
I'm really happy that I went to that event, sorry if this blog post is super long. 
That's all for now... BYEEEE!!!! :)

If you have comment, suggestion just feel free to say something. :)

Some of the photos here are from Ms.Shebby.

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