Saturday, July 27, 2013

Simple Make up look using Glory of New York palette and lipstick

  • I really love this light orange lipstick of Glory of New York. Actually my favorite color is pink ever since but when it comes to make up, we need to be playful and use every color you have. :)


I got bored and created a simple neutral make up look using those products that I recently got from Thea Adriatico Make up Artistry . 
I won her contest last June and the prizes came late, because they said that they are very busy. Anyways I waited for a month for this to arrive and it is really worth it. :)  (happy artist)
Actually I was doing a make up video tutorial but I don’t know what happen to my editor , it is not responding. In the meanwhile I will just blog about this make up product. 
Products that I used:
  • Myra moisturizer
  • Careline liquid foundation (natural)
  • Ever bilena stick foundation
  • 4u2 loose powder
  • Elf eye primer
  • Glory of New York eyeshadow palette (neutral)
  • Glory of New York  lipstick in the shade of 695
  • Ever Bilena eyeliner pencil (brown)
  • Nichido kohl eyeliner (black)
  • Iris lipliner 
  • Chelsy Brush Set (beauty Cosmetics)
  • Elf small stipple brush
  • Elf Hd Blush on

First I used moisturizer all over my face and let it dry for a while. After that I put on some liquid foundation usin my elf stippling brush and blend it blend it blend it so it will even out. Then I put my concealer the EB stick foundation to hide some redness going on my face and blemishes as well. Then I put some loose powder using my powder brush from BEAUTY COSMETIC Chelsy brush set. (That I recently got also via GIVEAWAY) This is the softest brush I ever had :)
Then I did my eye make up put on some primer so it will last for a long hours then put the two darkest shade of the eyeshadow using a blending brush.then I put the satin color on my lid to pop up my eyes. After that I put on some eyeliner. Then using a stippling brush again I used my ELF HD blush on. Then line my lips with the IRIS lipliner and put my shinning shimmery Glory of New York Lipstick.
Yeeeey! that’s it. Hope you like it. This look can also be worn on office cause it is super simple and very fresh :) 
Hope you like my make up tutorial :)
Thanks for reading & have a nice day  :)
If you want to try the products that I used here’s the link:
GLORY of New York Ph(for the palette,lipstick and lip liner)

Beauty Cosmetics (Chelsy Brush Set)
I am not sponsored by them but I just won there products via GIVEAWAY and I’m really happy that I got the chance to try it. So what are you waiting for? Check there site now. :)

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