Saturday, July 6, 2013

Who am I?

Intro to my BLOG!

Hi everyone this is MAKE UP & My Life by Lei Diwa .
Who am I? I'm 21 years old, make up enthusiast who found love on make up last April 2013. As I was stucked in the house for the whole summer I just watched and read blog about make up. Loving all the colors and everything that will make a girl/boy more attractive is a big WOW to me. I'm still studying, I am a HRM student I love cooking specially baking and I also love to eat. I have many goals and ambitions in life. Someday I wanted to be a Professional MAKE UP ARTIST and a PHOTOGRAPER as well as I wanted to own a RESTO BAR. I would like to share some of my thoughts about make up so you will read some make up reviews and swatches soon here in my blog. I will also share my life in school and as a mother too. I will be writing blog post as many as I can if I am not busy. I love to read blog and hope you will read my blog post too. Please feel free to add me on GFC and some networked that you can see on the side of this blog.
I will be happy to have you all as my friend. 

This is my son Kean, just sharing some cutie photos that we have. :)

Hope you all can drop by every now and then to my blog.
Thank you so much for reading!!! :)

Ka-chaw!!! Byeeeeee!!! :D 


  1. Hi Lei, thank you for commenting in my blog. I just followed you via networked blog. i think its better if you add the GFC and bloglovin follow widget as its the most commonly used and you'll get more followers through there!

    answer to your question, yes im a freelance makeup artist here in baguio.
    keep in touch dear!

    1. Wow.. Thank you Ms.Stella for the advice I will definitely put that. IKR? your a MUA hopefully someday I will be a MUA too.. :)

      Thanks again Pretty Stella :)

  2. Hi, new follower here, awesome blog!! :)

  3. Hi Thank you for dropping by Pretty EM :)

    I also followed you :)