Sunday, August 25, 2013

Look Beauty Stretch Factor Mascara Review

Hi everyone! I would like to share a review on one of my mascara this is what I get from a FAN SIGN CONTEST of Ms.Joyce Sola of Candylove Art. I was so happy to own this mascara cause I never have one yet. I won a look beauty mascara and a Miners Matte lip paint. So today I will review on the mascara first, I was using it every now and then. I prevent myself on using mascara everyday due to my eyes getting blurred and I don't know why. Anyways. let's do this review HOLA! Look Beauty Stretch Factor Mascara!

The packaging is a girly pink tube (LOL) I mean a very light pink shade of tube, and some design on the handle. Then in front you can see a  STRETCH FACTOR.


This is the back of the tube.

                                       On the top you can see the shade it is in the shade of BLACK.

Now let's move on to the brush of this mascara. I was so amazed with the brush cause this is the first time I saw a brush like this. (I mean on a mascara brush)

Did you see it? I mean look closely it is curve with a longer bristles on the other and shorter on the other side. I really love this because I can comb my lashes very well on the side that is long and on the short side it gives the mascara ink more I think. I think even I finished the tube I will still use the brush. :)

Here's the test let's see what will happen to my lashes. This mascara claims that it is lengthening so don't expect much , it will just make your lashes longer. (okay?)

See what it does to my short and few lashes.(Excuse my ugly brows! just don't mind it)  Ohhh... yes! It gives more length than my usual lashes. I love wearing this cause it's not very noticeable cause it's not clumpy. You will definitely love this if you just like wearing light make up everyday.

*the bristles of the brush that can finely comb every lashes
*It gives longer lashes
*It can be easily wiped out by make up remover
*it stays all day long
*affordable at 350php

*doesn't dry quickly (it always transfer under my lower lash when I blink) *_-

So that's it for now, I can't think of anymore cons for this mascara. I love this so much! :)
Thank you so much for reading!

If you want to avail this mascara you can find it online in Makeup Hub online store.

Hope you like my review! See you on my next post... Have a nice day!

Thank you again to Ms.Joyce Sola for this mascara !

 I was so glad I won your contest.



  1. I have this! ^^

    1. Hi thanks for dropping by Ms.Cynthia I saw ur blog too. Ang ganda like you very girly :)

  2. Nice blog! Let's follow each others blog.

    1. Hi Linus do you have blog too? Where's ur link? I add u on my Google circle :)

  3. It looks promising, will definitely try this soon! Thanks for sharing! :)