Friday, August 9, 2013

Unforgettable Meet and Greet experience with Ms.Bing Castro

I was waiting for this day to come. I was really waiting on her every post and videos, the first time that I saw her was on Ms.Shebby's Meet and Greet. I was so shy to talk to her of course why would I it's not her meet and greet, we should focus on Shebby that time. Then this day came and I saw this post on her wall on Facebook.

I was really sad that I wasn't able to be one of the first five who RSVP huhuhu.. :( cause you know she and her sponsors was so kind to giveaway a make up set (AGAD-AGAD). Db so exciting? :) It was our Pest control day kaya we need to get out of the Unit the day that she posted her VIDEO about the meet and greet. Grabe sobrang hinayang ko halos di na ko makatulog kakaantay kung kelan ang meet and greet announcement na yun hahah :D (EXCITED LANG) Then ayun nga nung napanuod ko 27 views na after 1hr ko pa kasi napanuod ung video nya, so I'm pretty sure madami ng nag RSVP. Anyways she had a GAME, it was a 20 Day GAMES that she will ask questions then we need to answer it. I was really hoping to win some of the Glory of New York products that time, because I was seeing her review on the products and hoping to win some cream foundation or a Skin Care Set :) But I was not so Lucky to have the cream foundation , but I still won yeeeeeey! Actually me and my sister Charmaine won on the 18th and 19th day! So my sister was able to accompany me on the MEET& GREET :)

She started talking about herself, about skin care routine and we also have games :) I also did won! her question that time was "What is my Youtube Channel's name" and then my answer is "bingprojectawesome" ... Ohhh.. yeah! I won an ELF lipgloss and a blending brush from Beauty Cosmetics. Then after the game we ate some food, yes we did have a rice and some chicken ,pork and vege and also a buko pandan dessert yummie. Most of us was hungry already, I admit cause we arrive there at almost 2pm and the Meet and greet started around pass 3pm and some are already there before 1:30pm. Here's the food we had :)

After we ate, she then talk about make up so it was like a meet and greet a tip and tricks of Ms.Bing :) In this photo she was doing a Day time Make up. Actually she was suppose to do a night time look too but the time is passing so fast that we didn't have so much time. 

She has so many prices and games, grabe imagine naubusan na sya ng tanong at papagawa samin pero ang dami dami pa din nyang PRIZES :) Thank you so much for this event Ms.Bing Castro of  The Project Awesome. Ang dami kong nauwing make up products yeeeey! I'm so happy,since this is just the 2nd time that I attended a Meet and Greet and received so many beauty products for FREE, I will be addicted on it. hahaha :D  Imagine I don't have to buy so many make up na I just won it here. Look what we had on our loot bags :)

Charm won this Skin Care Set and a translucent powder from Glory of New York

Look what I have? so many make up products Ayieeeee!!!! I remember I was supposed to have a props and tools palette but I forgot the answer and on the second time I almost won a SKIN CARE SET too, but they said that it should be a lipstick first before the SKIN CARE. (sayang nemen not for me)
Anyways, ang dami parin nito sooooo THANK YOU SO MUCH talaga Ms.Bing Castro and to all the sponsors.

Hope you like my post! I will be reviewing some of the products here. :) I gave the ELF lipgloss to my sis and 1 GNY lipstick so I won't be able to add that on my review.

THANKS for reading! 
Have a nice day Pretty! :)



  1. Wow! you were able to meet bing. :) She's really nice. I've met her once in an event. Sayang I have work on the day of her M&G. Glad you enjoyed it. The day looks so fun!

    1. Thank you Ms.Genzel for reading :) Yes super bait nya and super saya din ng M&G nya :) I'm hoping to meet you too soon heheh :) I'm also reading your blog every now and then :)