Saturday, September 7, 2013

AUGUST HAUL (late post)

Hi I know I have been very lazy in posting here in my blog you won't see an everyday post or every other day post cause I have been busy in school every weekdays. Making blog isn't easy like you need a good camera (which I don't have yet), checking your grammar, posting it to other social network so that you can gain followers. Anyways, let's move on about that hard stuff thing, I would like to share my AUGUST HAUL to you even though it's already September. Actually I'm preventing myself to buy anything for the past few months cause I have so many things to pay in school. Ever since that I have been in love with make up I got the chance to explore and try products that I want , but I don't need to buy. I got the products for FREE! who doesn't LOVE FREE ryt? Then last month (AUG.3,2013) I had a chance to be invited in Ms.Bing Castro of The Project Awesome Meet and Greet (blog post here). Then I won some prizes there so I got this AUGUST HAUL :) ohh.. yesssss!!! everything is totally FREE! :)

The beauty products that I've got was inside this paper bag! You can see there are two bags, cause the other one is for my sister.She also join Ms.Bing Castro online games and won so she was able to have a slot on the M&G too. (she won complete skin care product)

Since I was one of those 20 lucky winners of her games I won a make up products from Glory of New York- Philippines

This is the actual products inside the paper bag.
All Glory of New York products
1.GNY mascara in brown
2.GNY eyeliner in black
3.GNY eyeliner in brown
4. GNY eyeshadow palette (616)
5.GNY lipstick in the shade of 347
6.GNY lipstick in the shade of 635

(You can visit Queen B's page if you want to buy or try Glory of New York Products)

Imagine dito palang sobrang panalo na , but this is not yet, everything that I've got from the meet and greet

Look I also got the ENCARA BB CREAM! (my first ever BB cream)
This is a must have bb cream, (SOBRANG GANDA PROMISE) I will do a review of this promise.
I would really like some other BB cream of them pa sana soon.

Thank you Ms.Myra!

You can check more of this Encara bb cream and more beauty products in MyrSkin .

Below you can see all the beauty products that I've got from Ms.Bing Meet and greet!
Some are already repeated but there is a pink blending brush from Beauty Cosmetic.There is also a box of perfume from  BC Fragrance. ELF lipgloss from The Primp Pad. Another lipstick from Glory of New York-Philippines and lastly, a sample size of Air fit BB cream from MyrSkin.

WOW! so many beauty products! Thank you again Ms.Bing Castro and to all your sponsors.

I still got one item to show you guys my 2nd FREE BB CREAM :)
Yes, it's free from Colour Collection, I got this form Sample Room.

If you want to be a member of Sample Room please feel free to message me, so that I can invite you.
I think sample room is for Philippines resident only, you can get to try new products for free imagine a full size of this BB cream is 599php but I got this for FREE.

So that's all that I've got from my AUGUST HAUL, so many make up products, addition to my collection. I need an organizer already, cause it won't fit my drawer anymore. So if there is anyone there who is a kind hearted that can give me an organizer for free please feel free to message me. heheheh  :) 
(hoping LOL)

Thank you so much for reading I hope you like my HAUL post :)

Take care and Have a nice day everyone.


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