Saturday, September 7, 2013

Primp Me Pretty Makeup Contest

Hi there readers! Today I wanted you to please kindly help me to win a make up contest! :)
I know I have been joining and posting my entry here on my blog recently. Just some update I won the 2 careline make up contest last August and July! Thank you so much for your support to those who click LIKE to my entry. Today I also need your HELP! Please I need you to click this, then like my entry. Please, I would really like to win a REAL TECHNIQUE Brush cause I don't have one yet. It will be a gift to myself cause my birthday is next month. I wanted to own that brush for the longest time, so please help me win.

This is the criteria for judging .
 Overall appearance - 50%
Use of products from The Primp Pad - 10%
Voting (number of likes) - 40%

This are the products that I used from The Primp Pad.

Wet n  wild megalast lipstick in Just Peachy
ELF HD Blush in Headliner
Maybelline Rocket Volum Express Mascara

The Primp Pad is an online store who sell beauty products like ELF, wet n wild and other high end products.If you want to buy some beauty products just feel free to visit there page, they have the cheapest price of ELF products.

Thank you for reading please don't forget to VOTE for me! There will be only one WINNER for this contest so pretty please just VOTE for me.

THANK YOU so much! :)



  1. Whooooa! The elf blush looks amazing, almost like it's air brushed! Great entry :)

    1. Thanks for reading love! :) This contest has ended but I did not win, cause it's a voting contest. Anyways, I'm still happy I've joined. :)