Saturday, October 5, 2013

Haul from Robinsons Department Store

Hi readers and fellow bloggers :) I know I did a sneak peak photo on IG and on my Facebook account on what I got from Robinsons Department Store Giveaway. I just tagged 5 of my friends and posted this photo.


Then Last September they tagged me on their post that I am one of the winners. Wooooooooh! :D My friends say I'm super lucky in joining some tag and share photos. That is also the reason why I love love love joining giveaways. hihihih.. :) FREE products! :) so let's start! I went on Robinsons Ermita to get my prize I was with my son that day. Then we went straight to the department store and look for the customer service. I waited for a few minutes to talked to the front desk girl cause she's busy answering calls. Then when she talked to me already she asked " Bakit po maam?" . Then I said "I would like to claim my prize from facebook giveaway". She checked my ID and the printed message from Robinsons Department Store page. After signing a few papers she handed me a black bag full of goodies. Imagine I was carrying my 3yrs.old son and on the other hand the loot bag   (GRABIGAT). I was not expecting that it will be that huge and heavy. This is the bag that I got with a Lolane print, it's soooooo cute!

This are all the products inside the bag, scroll down to get a closer look for the products.

Here are the LOLANE products inside the bag ...
Lolane Natura Hair Treatment
Lolane Natura Daily Hair serum

LOLANE is a company that produce HAIR PRODUCTS, this products are new to my eye.
Lolane Pixel Perfect Color
Lolane Z-Cool in shade of Kiwi Cocoa

I don't know when I will used this hair color but I'm sure I will definitely LOVE THIS!
NIVEA products

Asian Secret Body Scrub
Kojie san for men
Naturals whitening papaya soap
Listerine mouthwash
Modess napkin 
Vitamin treatment
Hair treatment & Conditioner

Creamsilk conditioner in color pink is my favorite conditioner ever since high school.
3 packs of Colgate total pro gum health
Hayden Basics Body Spray

That's all! Thank you so much Robinsons Department Store for this early gift! cause if I'm not mistaken I got this last Sept.29,2013 few days before my birthday. :) Actually my friends was expecting some make up products hahaha :D Sorry girls no make up on the loot hehehe :D

Hope you like my haul :)

See you on my next post! 


 Lei Diwa

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