Sunday, October 20, 2013

Photo shoot experience with the EMAP ( Elite Makeup Artist Philippines)

Hi readers, today I want  to share my experience in being a model for a day. It's a "X DEAL" but it doesn't matter since I super duper enjoy it. I have been chosen by Ms.Jaja Enriquez who is a HMUA it is a shoot for their new group of MUA's since they all resigned from their previous group.Now they are already called EMAP ( Elite Makeup Artist Philippines)  as I can see they are still the same talented beautiful girls with some new faces and minus the absent.

Here they are from left to right : Ms.Roxy, Ms.Jaja, Ms.Chichi, Ms.Fine,Ms.Michelle and Ms.Janet

Now it all started in a post in facebook of Ms.Jaja she was looking for a model, then I PM her and asked if I can be her model then she agree.Actually many commented on her post and I didn't know that she just need one model.The date of the shoot was Oct.2,2013 which is the day after my birthday so I was so excited cause I was thinking that I can have a FREE PICTORIAL after my birthday :) Honestly aside from I 'm excited I was so nervous and shy to do this so I asked my friend if she want to accompany me on this shoot. Then I messaged Ms.Jaja if I can bring a friend then she said yes, so I was with my friend Diane on that day.On the day of the shoot Ms.Jaja picked us up in SM Megamall then went to the studio.She first did the hair and make up for my friend Diane here's the finished look. 

This is from the photographer, pretty bride ryt?  :)

Diane's hair done by Ms.Jaja Enriquez , photos from Diane phone.
Actually it was my examination week that time, so after my exam I went straight to SM Megamall. The thing is I wasn't able to charge my phone in the morning so all the pictures that you will see is from different cameras.

So after she finished doing my friends hair and make up she did mine. Mine should be a high fashion make up look at first it should be an avante garde look but I realized that I couldn't go home in that look so I decided to ask if we can change the theme. Ms.Jaja was so nice and kind to agree with me, so here are the picture of me and her while she's doing my make up.
Gorgeous Ms.Jaja working for my make up. 
Foundation and eyes are finished ,she still need to put some lip color and blush on.

This is a closer look of my eyes, so pretty right? esp.the cat eye that I couldn't make ever since.

This is the final look! OMG! soooo GORGEOUS waaaah! I couldn't believe that I can look like this!
Thank you so much Ms.Jaja I super duper loved the make up look you did for me. :) 

Look at some of the behind the scene shoot, the original photos from the photographer are not yet done. I was like so crazy waiting for the copy, but I couldn't wait any longer so I decided to post this even though I really don't have a copy from them yet. Hoping that I can still have the unedited pictures cause honestly it wasn't easy posing over and over again doing the "FIERCE LOOK". I practiced my smile overnight over and over then on the day of the shoot it is not what the photographer wanted me to do. That's what you call "EPIC FAIL" hahah... :D  imagine to practice a wrong pose. LOL!

Sir Jolie teaching me what pose to do next, he was so kind and patient for a 1st timer.
Behind the scene photo from Ms.Lalaine one of the model.Thank you so much!
Ang kulit ko kasi paulit ulit fierce look daw tas di ko magawa. Then after a week or so I watched Gandang Gabi Vice show na si Megan Young yung guest tas naalala ko tuloy yung shoot na toh. hahaha.. :)

The trying hard model.. hahhaha :D

All in all I had so much fun even though I think that it was not 100% perfect cause I wasn't able to make the perfect fierce look that they wanted. (ATLIT! hahah) :D but atleast I know I did my best to pose infront of the camera. All of the EMAP are so gorgeous and nice and we also ate palabok as a merienda it was so yummy! :) Then me and Diane decided to go home after we ate cause I have a 7am class the next day and I think it was already 9pm or so when we went home. We stop by in MEGAMALL to buy something wait I still have my last SELFIE with my favorite lipstick and the make up look by Ms.Jaja.

That's all folks! Thanks for reading hope you liked it!
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Lei Diwa



  1. You were such an awesome model. The experience I had was one of a kind! Thank you for appreciating the makeup I did for you and I'm beyond happy that you loved it! Thank you soo much Lean! You're such a sweetheart, beautiful woman inside out!

    1. Thanks ulit! such a wonderful experience with you Ms.Jaja :)

  2. Hi Lei!

    Have you tried also the service of Ms. Rea? She is a hair and makeup artist here in the Philippines , I hope you can try his expertise on airbrush makeup.