Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kean needs your VOTE for Bibong Baby Contest!

Hi readers! Please do help my son to win a contest,the host of the contest is Baby Expo Philippines.
The said Expo is about family, parenting and about your baby.
This is the photo contest logo :

The voting will start on Thursday 4:00pm (20 Nov 2013) and will end on Monday 12nn (25 Nov 2013).
Only one lucky winner will win so please VOTE wisely (hehehe) if you know what I mean. :)

Now let me present my beloved child, Kean Kenzie Buscaino.
Our cute, joyful , adorable and super sweet baby.

He likes McDonalds Happy Meal so much.
Whenever we go to mall he always asked for a toy and a fries from Mcdo. 
He needs your vote! 

Can you please:
1) Click on the Link:
2) Like their FB page: Baby Expo Philippines
3) Find Kean's pic as shown below
4) then click Vote !

Thank you so much for VOTING! 
Please do help us by sharing this to your family and friends too.
 Please let them vote for Kean!

Thanks for reading have a nice day!

                     Mario hat from Hatah Hatah not sponsored but super cute right? :)


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