Friday, November 1, 2013

Review: Careline Eyeshadow 4x

Hi readers! Today I'm going to review the palettes that I've got from Careline Cosmetic after winning their contest last August (you can see the entry that I made here). I was so happy to get all the shades but for now I will be reviewing the Careline eyeshadow 4x. Lately I have been joining contest over and over again to practice doing make up on myself and to win some make up goodies like this. I will just show you some of the palette, this is not everything they gave to me. :) But first here is the poster of Careline announcing that I was one of the lucky winner.

This is the front box of the Careline eyeshadow 4x. and the palette was named by dance genre.

This is the back of the box.

On the side of the box you will see the MFD or Manufactured Date : 2012 July
then the stock number and batch number.

At the back of the box this is what you see on the left side.

You can see all the INGREDIENTS at the back too.

This is the packaging of the palette you can easily see the colors so it's so nice. It is plastic so be careful to drop it, cause it break easily.
This are the four palettes outside their boxes so colorful and bright.

 First palette called HARLEM, white ,neon pink, moss green , sky blue.
As you can see it's kinda chalky and if you are not a fan of shimmer eyeshadows you will not like it, cause all the shades are shimmery. I like this cause this is the colorful one of the four palette. :)

 The palette didn't put names on each eyeshadow I just named them by color. The only thing that they put was the name for the whole palette.

Second palette is BALLET this one has a brown,yellow, light pink & white eyeshadows.

This palette is my least favorite casue it is not that easy to build the colors since it was light I think I swipe it for 3-4 times so that you can see the color. This palette can be used to create a neutral look but the brown is a little to bright and again there is no matte in this palette. So you still need to use your other palette if you want a smokey eye.

I will definitely use the yellow one for highlighting the inner corner of my eyes.

3rd palette the BREAKDANCE,it has a gray, brown, white and blue color.
 I love it cause it has a MATTE blue eyeshadow, yes you read it right a matte! :) (finally!!!)  I would like to do some look using this palette one of this day. I would say that the gray looks white on me you can see it ryt? :)

Forth palette and the last one,has a pastel colors and I find it so cute! Light blue , lilac, baby pink and white.

I think the white one is also matte, this palette is so cute esp.when you like pinkish look :)
I love the lilac and the baby pink color, you just need to be creative to make a look on this cute palette.

* colorful
*doesn't have smell
*very affordable 150php for each palette
*locally available on malls
*shimmery (if you are really looking for shimmery palettes)
*you can see the color even without opening it

*chalky (it does fallout)
*not so pigmented (you need a few swipe to get the color)
*the shadow breaks easily (cause I drop one and it turns out to be a loose eyeshadow)


All in all I still give this palette a 3.5/5 rating I still like this but you know you can work on the chalky thing. I suggest  to use a primer before applying to make the color pop up a little bit and so that the e/s will hold on to your lids for long. If your not a fan of shimmer you won't like this, but it's still useful for highlighting your eyes or putting it on top of a matte shadow :) 

All the products are given to me cause it is my prize on a contest I didn't bought any of this.

Thanks for reading hope you like my swatches!
Till next time bubye!!! :)


Lei Diwa

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