Sunday, December 22, 2013

Couch Wasabi and Cynos Inside Hair Care Hair Make over Giveaway

Last month I saw a giveaway from Couch Wasabi and Cynos inside Hair Care it's a hair make over giveaway that you can choose among the three make over. First, hair color of your choice (WOW!), second I think it's rebonding cause they will straighten your hair then lastly a digital perm. Imagine how nice is that right?  There will be 5 winners, 3 will have a FREE hair make over and the 2 will have loot bags from them.

I was just trying my luck cause I have been wanting to dye my hair for so long.So when I saw this post I follow the mandatory  rules so that I can win. Then after a few weeks someone emailed me telling me that I won a free hair make over from Couch Wasabi giveaway! They emailed me first before I saw the post of Ms.Jirbie of Couch Wasabi in twitter. Then I was like Wooooooooh! (shouting and jumping) super Happy to win this hairmake over. Come on let's be practical how much will you pay for a salon if you need a very nice hair color. So imagine this is really a great deal for me Wooooooh!!! :) 

So after scheduling everything , I went there last Dec.21,2013 which is saturday cause they told me they only work there on saturday.When I got there I thought it was a salon but I was wrong, it is their office and when you go inside you will see a salon like room. I saw some ladies straightening a girls hair, then I found out they are the one who will do my hair.

I didn't see Ms.Lyn the one who emailed me, but Ms.Ruselle was the one who accomodate me.She was so nice, she talked to me asked me what color I really want with her team we talked it over and hoping to achieve the best for my hair.
Actually I emailed them this picture I don't know if they can make it or not, just hoping for the best.

So let's have a before picture of my hair before they do the magic hehehe... (last SELFEI w/my dark hair)

I was 75/25 sure of this color hahah :D Good Luck to me when January comes, our school do not allow bold hair colors but hey! I still want it. :)

This is the color range they offer to me, they said that I can choose whatever color I want but I still choose the red one. But to achieve that we need to bleach my hair so that it will be a bright yellow.

Let's do the bleaching, my hair was colored last MAY with light brown so the lower part might somehow kinda dark. I forgot how long they bleached it, it was really itchy and my scalp felt some coldness. They told me that it might hurt a little bit, before they do the coloring .

They are always in partner when they are doing my hair cause I have a very thick hair.


Say HI and Goodbye for this blonde look, they say I look like a Kpop, LOL! I don't like Kpop much hahaha.. cause I can't understand what they are saying.Anyways, we will now continue coloring my hair to RED!  wooooooh.. I'm so nervous and excited on what will be my final hair looks like.

After 20mins.they washed my hair thoroughly with their products CYNOS and blow dry it and iron it a bit.
Finally the final look :)

Amazing bright RED!!!! WOW!!! :D I was so happy for the result of this even though I don't have a fair skin I'm a little bit morena atleast!!! (KERI na TEH!) OMG! Thank you so much I feel like a celebrity with this new hair color hahah :D

This are the beautiful and talented ladies who made this RED hair possible. From left to right Ms.Pia, Ms.Dianne and Ms.Glenda.

More pictures, look how bright my hair looks like when I'm with them kilig! 

Lastly Ms.Ruselle who talked to me before and after the hair make over thank you for your kindness.

Let's do the comparison of my hair yieeeee :D

Super nice ryt? IKR? I mean the color pay off hahaha.. just don't mind the face.
Thank you again to Ms.Jirbie of Couch Wasabi and Cynos Inside Hair Care for this FREE holiday Hair make over. I love it so much! Advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

That's all for today, hope you all have a very nice holiday!
Bubyeeeee :D


Lei Diwa

REVIEW : Sephora 541 Mat lipstick

Ohhh! Hi so sorry for not bloggging much, but I think I can do blogging this holiday hahaha. Promise to post more review. Today I want to share my thoughts about the Sephora Mat lipstick. I bought it in an online shop My Jehovah Jireh E-Store she sell authentic cosmetics, bags and other cute things that can be a gift for yourself or someone you love. Ms.Ann is a super nice seller she gave me products to review but I'm really sorry for not postingit ASAP. For now let's just do the review about my new favorite coral lipstick.

This is the packaging of the lipstick, it's all black outside aside from the color at the button.
It looks like pink because of the flash but it is a coral lipstick.When you open it there is a sticker where you can see the shade. On the right photo there is also the shade but since it is just a plastic cover seal when you remove it the shade number will also remove.

Look how opaque it is I wrote the first letter of my name just
one swipe you can see it already
The tip of the lipstick was already damage when I received it, for me it's ok. I can use a brush to even out my lipstick I think it melted due to the weather. 

Swatches on my lips sorry for the light this is taken both indoor.I think I'll provide another photo outdoor some other day I will update this post. I love how I can wear this everyday since it not that loud like those pink and violet lip color that I like. I wear them in school sometimes LOL! 

*Very nice coral shade
*Long lasting 4-5hrs without eating too much
*doesn't have annoying smell
*good for everyday use
*glide on smoothly one swipe is enough

*Available only in online
*a little bit drying if you have a very dry lips like mine
*it can easily melt (good thing it is not too hot in our house)

All in all I gave this matte lipstick a 5/5 rate!
I was hoping that I could have the pink of this too but I don't know maybe it's out of stock already.
Just don't forget to check My Jehovah Jireh-E-Store on facebook for the available shades of this lipstick.

Till next time bubye loves!!!



Monday, December 16, 2013

BDJ together with PANTENE #ChoosetoShine

Hello! I wanted to share to you what I have received today, a product from PANTENE. I love pantene ever since, becaue it has a very nice smell and whenever I use their product I get smoother hair. Now BDJ (Belle de Jour) together with Pantene is giving away a kit. I was so excited when my friend Jhessica told me that she got a package from PANTENE it's 2 full bottle of their product. She said that I just need to answer a survey like thing and then after a few days I will receive my package. I did what she said and then someone emailed me and I need to confirm it then after 2 days there is another email telling me that they are sending me a package and the courier is Xend.

This is the poster that you can see in Facebook or maybe other bloggers are sharing this too. We just want to share to you guys what we have.

After a few days they send me this package, I was so excited to use this tom. cause even though I don't open it yet I can smell it already. This is an early Christmas gift for me, THANK YOU so much BDJ and Pantene PH. :)

Do you want this product too? CLICK this link here and you will be directed to a survey like questioner. Just answer everything and then check your email and confirm it.

This is an early gift from BDJ BelledeJourPlanner and PantenePhilippines , you don't need to pay anything even shipping fee is free. (I think it's for Philippines resident only)

Hope this blog post was clear for you to follow.I will be happy if you also receive a gift from them. 
Let me know if you had one already and don't forget to like and tag BelledeJourPlanner and PantenePhilippines then post your PANTENE products and put the #ChoosetoShine 

Thank you for reading, till next time!


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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

REVIEW : Props Tools and Cosmetics 4 color Eyebrow Powder

Hello!!! :) Today I want to share my review about the Eyebrow powder that I got from Ms.Joyce Sola of Candy Love Art meet and greet. I was so happy that I won her game and got this and a violet gel eyeliner as a price. So let's do the review :)

 This is the packaging of the eyebrow palette, it's a matte plastic container the upper one is the box and the lower rectangle is the brow palette.

The ingredients is written in the back of the box.

This is the palette, it has a brush a mirror and the 4 color powder for your brows.
(sorry for the pic.I don't know why it is upside down)

This is the brush it has a very thin bristle and so soft, it is very easy to use.

This is the other side of the brush cause it is dual brush ,it is a smudger brush.

This is the swatches on my arms, sorry if the 1st color is not so visible cause it is the lightest color.

This is the before and after, I used the nyx eye pencil to out line my brows and I fill the rest with the 2nd and 3rd color of the powder.

I am not really good on doing my brows and besides this is the first time I had a brow powder.  I super duper love the powder. I didn't use any brow setter cause I don't have one, but this last me I think for 6-8hrs. cause I think I'm not that oily that day. I just spend my whole day at home, so I really can't tell how will this thing last if you have an oily skin.
I like the powder cause you can build up the color whatever hair color you have (I mean the usual hair color). This is a must have for MUA like me (JOKE!) wanted to be a MUA to practice yeeeeey! :)
This cost 350php or 8.++ USD , you can check Props Tools and Cosmetics online store for this and more cosmetic products.

I would like to rate this as 5/5 cause for me it is very helpful and because I think it will definitely match your hair color. 

This is the final look on my face, do you like it? Let me know :) 

BTW: You can visit Ms.Joyce Sola Youtube Channel please do subscribe to her and like her videos, cause he does make up tutorials. She's a professional Make up Artist, here's her link in YT : candyloveart.

Thank you for reading and dropping by, hope you could follow me via GFC on the right corner of this site. 
Till next time! Bubyeeee! 


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