Tuesday, December 10, 2013

REVIEW : Props Tools and Cosmetics 4 color Eyebrow Powder

Hello!!! :) Today I want to share my review about the Eyebrow powder that I got from Ms.Joyce Sola of Candy Love Art meet and greet. I was so happy that I won her game and got this and a violet gel eyeliner as a price. So let's do the review :)

 This is the packaging of the eyebrow palette, it's a matte plastic container the upper one is the box and the lower rectangle is the brow palette.

The ingredients is written in the back of the box.

This is the palette, it has a brush a mirror and the 4 color powder for your brows.
(sorry for the pic.I don't know why it is upside down)

This is the brush it has a very thin bristle and so soft, it is very easy to use.

This is the other side of the brush cause it is dual brush ,it is a smudger brush.

This is the swatches on my arms, sorry if the 1st color is not so visible cause it is the lightest color.

This is the before and after, I used the nyx eye pencil to out line my brows and I fill the rest with the 2nd and 3rd color of the powder.

I am not really good on doing my brows and besides this is the first time I had a brow powder.  I super duper love the powder. I didn't use any brow setter cause I don't have one, but this last me I think for 6-8hrs. cause I think I'm not that oily that day. I just spend my whole day at home, so I really can't tell how will this thing last if you have an oily skin.
I like the powder cause you can build up the color whatever hair color you have (I mean the usual hair color). This is a must have for MUA like me (JOKE!) wanted to be a MUA to practice yeeeeey! :)
This cost 350php or 8.++ USD , you can check Props Tools and Cosmetics online store for this and more cosmetic products.

I would like to rate this as 5/5 cause for me it is very helpful and because I think it will definitely match your hair color. 

This is the final look on my face, do you like it? Let me know :) 

BTW: You can visit Ms.Joyce Sola Youtube Channel please do subscribe to her and like her videos, cause he does make up tutorials. She's a professional Make up Artist, here's her link in YT : candyloveart.

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Lei Diwa


  1. Your eyebrows really look great. And I guess at 350 pesos, it is already a pretty great deal for a cool cosmetic product. But is it easy to use eyebrow powder?

    1. It's easy cause you can work on how thin or thick you want on your brows but you still need a pencil just to outline it if you like a precise brows. It's really a great steal cause it's so affordable w/ 4 colors. Thank's for dropping by Jelly! :) I visited your blog so cool :D