Sunday, December 22, 2013

REVIEW : Sephora 541 Mat lipstick

Ohhh! Hi so sorry for not bloggging much, but I think I can do blogging this holiday hahaha. Promise to post more review. Today I want to share my thoughts about the Sephora Mat lipstick. I bought it in an online shop My Jehovah Jireh E-Store she sell authentic cosmetics, bags and other cute things that can be a gift for yourself or someone you love. Ms.Ann is a super nice seller she gave me products to review but I'm really sorry for not postingit ASAP. For now let's just do the review about my new favorite coral lipstick.

This is the packaging of the lipstick, it's all black outside aside from the color at the button.
It looks like pink because of the flash but it is a coral lipstick.When you open it there is a sticker where you can see the shade. On the right photo there is also the shade but since it is just a plastic cover seal when you remove it the shade number will also remove.

Look how opaque it is I wrote the first letter of my name just
one swipe you can see it already
The tip of the lipstick was already damage when I received it, for me it's ok. I can use a brush to even out my lipstick I think it melted due to the weather. 

Swatches on my lips sorry for the light this is taken both indoor.I think I'll provide another photo outdoor some other day I will update this post. I love how I can wear this everyday since it not that loud like those pink and violet lip color that I like. I wear them in school sometimes LOL! 

*Very nice coral shade
*Long lasting 4-5hrs without eating too much
*doesn't have annoying smell
*good for everyday use
*glide on smoothly one swipe is enough

*Available only in online
*a little bit drying if you have a very dry lips like mine
*it can easily melt (good thing it is not too hot in our house)

All in all I gave this matte lipstick a 5/5 rate!
I was hoping that I could have the pink of this too but I don't know maybe it's out of stock already.
Just don't forget to check My Jehovah Jireh-E-Store on facebook for the available shades of this lipstick.

Till next time bubye loves!!!



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