Friday, January 10, 2014

Review : EO Flex Lens in AQUA

Hello! I would like to share a review about the contact lens I bought actually last year but I forgot to blog it. Anyways, it is from E.O. in SM Manila the color is Aqua cause I really wanted to have a green eyes or gray so I bought this. It is around 300+ I already forgot how much and it is good for 3 months use only.
I have been looking for lenses for so long and some of the blogger told me not to buy online,cause sometimes it will just irritate your eyes.So let's start here's the packaging of the contact lenses, this thing doesn't have grade but you can ask them if your eyes have problem.

It has a plastic packaging where you can see the expiration date and some information about the lenses.

I also bought a solution of course you need a solution to clean your lenses, good thing it also have case inside the box.

I admit the lenses is very noticeable but I like this because I will just use it in my make up pictures.
For blogging purpose only I couldn't wear this outside cause I feel awkward cause I don't have a fair skin to match with this lenses.

So here is the closer look of my brown eyes and after wearing the contact lenses.

Now my selfie so you can see what the lenses looks like when I wear it.

This picture taken indoor and with flash so you can see the color cause if it doesn't have flash you will just see my brown eyes cause we only have yellow lights in our house.

I know you saw this picture in my IG account last year, imagine my hair now is red so I have this photos saved in my folder for a month or so. 

Another SELFIE pic :)

*I love the color pay off
(it does change my eye color)
*It is affordable
*can easily bought in Malls (E.O.)
*very light I mean it doesn't feel heavy on my eyes
*it has a very thin lense
*you can have this lenses with grade

*sometimes it irritates my eyes
(like if I wear this while I'm doing my make up, so I need to wear this after I do all my make up)

I would love to give this lens a 5/5 RATE cause as you can see it has a lot of pros :)
Hope this post will help those people who likes to try contact lens.
Actually, this is my 2nd c.lens but I really don't wear lenses outside so I really don't know how will it feels if you wear this outdoor. I just test this inside the house and with AC room so if ever you choose to buy this because of this blog post please don't get angry with me if this irritates your eyes. AGAIN I bought this because I will just use it for blogging. :)

Hope this BLOG POST is clear.
 Have a nice day everyone!


Lei Diwa :)