Saturday, February 1, 2014

REVIEW: The Cream Factory SCRUB-in-a-TUB Goat's milk and Cinnamon

Happy heart month everyone! :) I'm so happy to share  my thoughts about a new product from The Cream Factory Ph. I had this SCRUB-in-a-TUB  (Goat's milk and cinnamon) because I joined their contest. I was so excited to try a new body scrub since I only got one from other brand. I was chosen as well as other bloggers I think. Thank you so much for letting me try your new product. So first things first this is all the flavor/type of their newest product.

I grab this photo from their facebook page.

They have 6 different SCRUB-in-a-TUB and I've read that it cost Salty retails   for  P799.00, Yummy for,  P699.00 and Creamy for P599.00.I choose the Yummy one which is Goat's milk and Cinnamon, I was just wondering how to smell like a bread that's why I choose that hahaha :D

They send me an email on how to claim it, then after a few days I got the package already. I was so excited to try it as soon as it came but I was busy the other day. Yesterday I had the time to try it and I was so amazed with the smell of this it doesn't smell Cinnamon all in all but it's so sweet maybe because of the milk too.

This is the product that I got  :) 
It is in a tub (as it says on the label) and you can flip the top cover to get some of the product but it has a cover inside so you need to remove it first. It will be so messy if you where shaking this product before you open it. My son did that and it spilled out a bit, so just be careful on opening this.

Inside the product looks like this, it has a grainy texture as you can see there is a small black grains all over it. As all we know most of the body scrub is really grainy ryt? :) The color is grayish brown maybe because of the milk and cinnamon that mixed together. 

Now let's try it, first I take a bath then I didn't dry my skin so it looks like this.

Then I apply some of the product on my arm and scrub it gently, it feels so soft and the scrub doesn't feel too harsh on my skin.

After using it all over my body my skin feels so soft and smooth. I also like the smell of this one cause it's so YUMMY!!! literally even it does smell so yumyum that you might want to taste it but I won't LOL!
The smell does stay from quite some time you will smell a sweet scent on your skin.

So this is my arm after the whole scrubbing thing. :)

As you can see it become whiter and look so soft, I'm so impressed with this, imagine with just one wash this thing could happen. I should say that this thing is a "MUST TRY!".


I recommend this SCRUB-in-a-TUB for everyone but I'm not sure if it's okay for kids.Anyways, we should definitely exfoliate our skin every now and then so that it can remove dead skin cells.This one is a big help for you to have a healthier skin. I love the smell and how it does magic on my skin. I wish I could use it everyday so that I can be fairer hahaha.. (kidding) I have a very dry skin so whenever I exfoliate I really need a lot of lotion cause the tendency is I see flacking more often if I don't use lotion :)  
I gave this scrub a 10/10 RATING! :) Hello!!! I super like it, please do grab one now and try it.

Again this is a new product from The Cream Factory Ph, so GRAB YOURS NOW!
Try it and promise you won't regret buying it.

They are now available in SNOE shops (SM Valenzuela, SM Pasig, SM Sucat, SM Muntinlupa, SM Las 

Pinas, and SM Sta. Rosa). They are also available online on Glamourbox, Pormada, and BDJ.

THANKS for reading I hope this review gave you information that you 

would like to know about the product. 




Lei Diwa :P


  1. I've been seeing The Cream Factory all over the net these days. Your review made me curious even more. Goat's Milk and Cinnamon sounds delicious!

    1. ako din sis ang dami ko nakita kasi sayang d ako nakakuha sa sample room kasi nag start then ayan may bago silang product sayang di mo pala nakita. Mostly bloggers ang binigyan bago irelease yang product.