Thursday, April 10, 2014

Winnings from The Beauty Chapter Giveaway

Hello guys! I'm  really sad that this post was super duper late post. I was supposed to do this last January but I lost almost all the pictures that I took and maybe the file was accidentally deleted IDK!. Anyways, I would just like to show you the things that I've got from a giveaway. Last December Ms.Steph of Beauty Chapter hosted a Christmas Giveaway and their will be 3 winners for that giveaway. I was so LUCKY that time that I was the 1st winner so I receive this products.

I just get the original photo from Ms.Steph cause I lost mine, so sorry guys!

List of the products that I've got:
3 Bottles of Confetti Nail Polish
BC Inspired Perfume in Sweet Pea and Paris Hilton
Jabon de Papaya Whitening Soap
ELF Studio Tinted Moisturizer in Sand
Ben Nye Powder Sampler in Buff
Maybelline LUMINEYES Eyeshadow Pallete in Gray
KleanColor Everlasting Lipstick in Holiday Red
Acrylic Lipstick Organizer

I was really eyeing for the BEN NYE powder cause I wanted to try it and I do like the lipstick rack too. When I saw her post about that giveaway I was really hoping to win the 1st place. THANK GOD I really get what I want! :)  I'm super duper happy that time. When the package arrive I was not in our unit so my hubby received the package and he was the one who opened it. Imagine how excited he is to open a huge package cause he doesn't know what's inside. (nauna pa sya sakin mas excited). So I never saw it covered  in christmas wrapper, cause somebody opened it for me.

So this is it, the Ben Nye powder that I really wanted to have for the longest time.

I also got some #MOTD for you using the klean color, ben nye powder and the maybelline eyeshadow. :)

The left photo was taken indoor with flash so it has some white cast and the left was also indoor but infront of the windoow. I really like the Klean color because it is as red as my hair that time. I will review it soon so please visit my blog every now and then.

That's all for today! THANKS for dropping by, have a nice day!


Lei Diwa

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